Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Internship Week 3

My internship is going really well. I've been brave enough to make suggestions and even better, my boss actually uses my suggestions! For example, today we visually put together a model of the Steve Jenkins show that's coming up in November. Since there were too many pieces, I picked five that we could possibly put in the family room instead of the gallery. I also suggested that we keep the magnet wall in the room and change the magnets to animals that you can put together to make your own species.

My boss thought it was a great idea and we are now implementing it for the upcoming show! I've realized with this internship that it is what you make of it. I might now be able to create a final thesis project this semester, but I can create sub-projects that will help me develop research for me thesis.

Feeling good about where this semester is taking me!

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  1. glad to hear it meredith! internships are best when they're two-way streets. the organization really feels like they're getting something from the intern, and the intern is learning, and not just in the stuffing envelopes or data-entry kind of way. sounds like a great partnership you're developing with your boss!