Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Internship Week Four

Last week I posed the idea to my boss, let's start calling her M, that we should leave the magnet board in the family room and use the space for kids to create their own hybrid animals. My boss LOVED the idea and today my project was to choose the animals for the magnets. I love the trust that the staff has with the interns but it also makes me worried that the outcome won't be exactly what M wanted. However, I believe that having this freedom makes me only work harder and also gives me a sense of independence so that I will be ready to start my career after getting my Master's.

I chose these beautiful illustrated animals from a clip art book. The animals had to relate to the new Steve Jenkins exhibit (see older posts) but also had to connect with animal pieces in the African and Indian collections. All in all, I found about 10 pieces that I thought would make fun magnets. After some frustration with the enlarger on the copier, I printed out the animals and cute them in half or in thirds. I had a great time afterwards making my own "new" animal by putting different pieces together. Can't wait to show M tomorrow!

Lastly, M is meeting with the Director tomorrow to talk about re-installing the touch gallery. This is something I REALLY want to be involved in because I want to write my thesis on disability services in museums. We'll see if I'll get a change to be a part of the gallery...

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  1. now reinstalling the touch gallery sounds really interesting. interested to hear how it goes and how you're going to be able to get involved, meredith!