Thursday, November 3, 2011

Diwali Festival at the Art Institute- Internship Week 9

Last Saturday I helped out at the Diwali Festival at the Art Institute. Diwali is a festival of lights where vibrant colors and lights are used in different customs to keep away evil. I worked in the rangoli room where traditionally, families create a colorful patterns out of flour and water around a ria (the traditional clay lamp used in the festival. We used ripped pieces of paper instead of flour. Less of a mess! The best part about the day was hearing Indian families talk about the traditions and stories they tell in their households.
Our collaborative rangoli. Each family would come in and add their own design.
This little boy represented a mountain and a sky as part of a story about Krishna who sheltered an Indian community from a storm by lifting a mounting raising it over the people.
This is the dia light symbol that traditionally goes in the middle of the rangoli. Families light the dias for Diwali.
A beautiful rainbow. The little girl worked so hard!

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  1. great pictures, meredith! looks like a fun and successful afternoon.