Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Internship Week 10 and 11

So for the past two weeks it has been all about installation!!!! Taking pictures out of frames, drilling screws, measuring... oh the measuring. Measuring walls, measuring art, measuring frames, measuring the amount of pain in my feet from standing all day. But overall it was a really good experience. It is VERY useful to know how to install. In all, we installed the Steve Jenkins show, the artwork for the Ryan Education Center, and began to install the game and pictures I created for the Family Room.

Today I installed art in the Educator Resource center and in the hall of the Ryan Education Center. The art was given to us by an SAIC student named Snow Fu. Her family runs an art center in a small/poverty stricken area of China. They sent work done in oil pastel, paint, and marker. They are beautiful, colorful depictions of life in their village. Snow's parents also sent along lesson plans of the work that are available to check out in the Educator Resource Center. Go check out the work!

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