Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Internship Week 5

We finally got the work for the Steve Jenkins show! On Tuesday, I was able to go down with M and look at the work in THE vault. I was first given a red robe that reminded me of the ones I see art restorers/curators wear in movies. I was told that we would be doing condition reports; I would write and M would be the one handling the work. After we got on our robes, M carefully unpacked the the work. It was beautiful!!! Steve Jenkins must photograph his works for his books so they loose the detail of their texture and color. There were vivid blues, paper layered to make eyes pop out at you, and the most wonderful variations of handmade paper. My favorite cut paper piece was the mommy and baby anteater. They look so sweet and the mix of the peach and grey colors make it a peaceful composition. After tediously looking at each work and marking their scratches, folds, soil and taking down their measurements, we delicately placed them in a cubby. I am going in early on Thursday to help her move to a conservation room where we will have help matting and framing the pieces. It was exciting getting to see the ins and outs of the shipping process in a large museum. I can't wait to get the Steve Jenkins show up and running!

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  1. what an amazing opportunity, meredith! sounds like you're getting the whole gamut of experiences during your internship.

    it also makes me chuckle as i think about the exhibition and handling process we go through at the Art Center. If only we had the funding for something like AIC's process. :)