Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Internship Week 8

This week at my internship I helped M gear up for her two exhibits opening this Fall. I edited all of her labels and opening paragraph for the Steve Jenkins exhibit. The shocking part was that I actually found an error in the labels concerning the medium used. Good thing I caught that! After I brushed up on my editing skills, I continued to research institutes that have touch galleries as well as found some foundations that deal with the blind population. I'm hoping to consult with the foundations about what visitors with visual impairments WANT in a museum experience. Also, I'm hoping that the foundations can give The Art Institute insight into how to make the touch gallery more innovative and new. As M said to me today while I was researching, " when we opened the touch gallery ten years ago, we were the museum that everyone was copying to start their touch galleries. NOW, we're outdated and we need to look into other institutions programs to make us current." Hopefully, I can help the education department accomplish this!

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  1. It's really interesting to see how quickly exhibitions can become outdated. I think they've got a pretty similar shelf life to websites, in that five to six years you'll really start to notice that this show is from X decade, and it'll need an update (obviously only applicable to permanent shows) will be interested to see what the new touch gallery looks like!