Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Internship Week 7

Today was really all about finalizing my scripts for the 2011 Holiday Treasures and Tea at the Art Institute. In treasures and tea, the attendees (young children and parents) will visit four famous works in the gallery. Afterwards, they will be lead to a tea party with live music and more art activities! My job, was to write the scripts for what the docents will say at each piece of artwork. It was a HUGE challenge to write simple lingo that the kiddos will understand. For example, it's hard to use the word brushstroke because will kids know what brushstroke means? Learning how to take complicated language about art and relaying it to kids in a simple manner is not an easy task.

After going through three revisions of the scripts, it was finally ready. I'm so proud! I also wrote some activities for the guide book which will be given out in the beginning of treasures and tea.

A new project I started on today is researching for the new touch gallery that will be going up at the Art Institute. M has asked me to find museums that have been leading innovators in the field of accessibility. This is a great project for me since this is the kind of research I need to be doing for my thesis on developmental disability services in museums. Excited to be involved in the touch gallery process since I think it is an important for the Art Institute to be seen as a leader in the field of accessibility to disabled visitors.

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